Saturday, February 22, 2014

One more Dive Against Debris dive outcome. Conducted by our PADI AI Will with 6 client divers from Holland, France and Belgium. Anchor Reef - 14m/48'. Data reported on Project AWARE's web site ( Thanks to Will and all clients participating on our Survey and also KEEPING REEFS OF SAL ISLAND CLEAN!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keeping our Project AWARE action campaign moving forward - 'KEEP THE REEFS OF SAL ISLAND CLEAN'. Our big THANK YOU to Barber Family that participated with us yesterday @ Santa Maria Beach -8m/45'. Cabo Verde Diving Centre and dive staff Ilson Evangelista (PADI MSDT 254113), Hendrik Almeida (DM candidate/internship) and myself. It's really sad to see how it's missing an Environmental Policy here in Sal. Starting from Local Communities education campaings, trash separation, trash collection and final destination. We know it's not so easy, but something must be done NOW!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Make 2014 the year of the Ocean

Make 2014 the year of the Ocean Posted by Andrew Jenkins Make 2014 year of the OceanThe ocean is a miraculous place full of beauty and wonder. From the vibrant marine life to the incredible landscapes that can be found beneath the waters, it isn’t hard to understand why so many people take to scuba diving. After all, isn’t the ocean’s beauty one of the reasons why you love to scuba dive? Although the ocean is a beautiful place, it is still in danger and our underwater world needs protection. From endangered species to ocean pollution, the oceans are continually threatened with various problems. Now is the time to take a stand and start creating change. If leaders around the world take action, the state of the ocean’s future could drastically change for the better. Organization leaders, politicians, corporate CEOs, conservationists and scientists all need to work together and start producing results – but they aren’t the only ones who have the power to create change. Every person can help make a difference and become a leader, especially scuba divers who have seen ocean pollution firsthand. Through conservation movements like Project AWARE, scuba divers can team together and work on important issues such as Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris. The more people who believe they can make a difference, the more likely we will be able to improve the state of the ocean. For more information on how you can help protect the ocean and raise awareness, visit and your local PADI Dive Shop. #conservation #Project AWARE

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Today's AWARE Dive Against Debris action outcome. Dives: 3 grutas Reef (20m/38') and Santo Antão Wreck (12m/47') with 3 PADI AOWD students. Soon we will report data on AWARE 's web site. Thank you students Rinout and Fleur (from Holland) and Rodolfo (from Portugal) and PADI MSDT Instructor Ilson Evangelista for participating and helping to make our Ocean cleaner!!! — with Cabo Verde Diving at Melia Tortuga Beach Resort.