Saturday, April 27, 2013

ACTIVATING EMS - EUROPE Emergency First Response Primary Care How you activate the Emergency Medical Services (or call for an ambulance) depends on the situation you are dealing with, for example the condition of the patient and the availability of bystander help. In emergency situations, it is vital for rescuers to get help as quickly as possible.A. After the Responsiveness check, call out for help. B. If you have help, send the bystander to call for an ambulance (activate EMS) as soon as you have completed the Breathing check. Let the bystander know the condition of the patient and ask the bystander to return and let you know how long the ambulance will be. C. If you are alone, and the patient is not breathing, you will need to determine whether you start resuscitation or go for help first: �If the patient is an adult, you should normally assume that they have a heart problem and go for help as soon as you have established that the patient is not breathing. Early medical attention and the use of a defibrillator is vital. This decision may be influenced by the availability of EMS. � If the likely cause of unconsciousness is injury, drowning, choking, drug or alcohol intoxication, or if the patient is an infant or child, perform rescue breaths/chest compressions for one minute before going for help. In these instances, the problem is likely to be a breathing problem rather than a heart condition. D. Continue resuscitation until qualified help arrives and takes over, the patient shows signs of life or you become exhausted. E. If you are alone and the patient is unconscious but breathing, position patient in the recovery position and then activate EMS.
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